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Meet the Owner

Diva Sweettr3ats pic Tina

   My name is Tina Marshall, and I am the owner of Diva Sweettr3ats. I am so excited to have my own website where I get to share my delightful desserts, sweets, and treats with you. Fun facts about me: I like to binge watch tv series on Netflix, Amazon shop, and hang out on the beach. My transparency moment: I do not like white chocolate.

   I had meticulously planned my professional career for most of my adult life, envisioning specific goals and paths with no room for alternatives. However, as I settled into my chosen career, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. It was during the pandemic that Diva Sweettr3ats was officially born. At that time, I was struggling in my long-time career and feeling unattractive and unworthy, which made me realize I wanted more for myself, to feel liberated and live life on my terms.

   In 2015, I stumbled upon a new hobby of making trendy treats for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, and holidays for my loved ones. Despite having no formal training in baking or art, I had spent years in my mom’s kitchen, witnessing her passion for baking for others. It started as a simple hobby, bringing joy to my heart seeing the happiness on people’s faces as they received my creations.

   Over time, I received numerous compliments and words of encouragement, and in 2019, I decided to take a leap of faith and transform my hobby into a full-fledged venture – Diva Sweettr3ats. My passion was ignited when my daughter pushed me to utilize my entrepreneurial skills and take my dessert baking to the next level.

   During this transformative process, I begin reflecting on myself and what I wanted to bring to the business, focusing on how I wanted to feel and make others feel. Adopting a new mindset, I consistently reminded myself of my own beauty, both inside and out, and reaffirmed my self-worth. This led to the natural choice of the name Diva.

   The pandemic presented itself as a golden opportunity for me to work on my business without the usual pressure of the outside world. It allowed me to dedicate myself to Diva Sweetr3ats, shaping it into something that brings joy not only to myself but also to those that indulge in the delicious treats and experience the love and care I put into each creation.

   Diva Sweettr3ats continues to elevate to new levels. I make personalized desserts, sweets and treats for all occasions. Diva Sweettr3ats specializes in chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, dessert shooters, custom treat boxes, vegan desserts, old-fashioned pound cakes, and much more. My favorite part about the business is matching the customer’s vision to their special occasion.

Let the Diva treat you! You are worth it!

Sending Diva vibes to you!

- Tina Marshall

Diva Sweettr3ats pic Tina
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