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Our Reviews

We believe in the power of customer reviews. We understand that customer feedback is essential for the success of our business and we value our customers’ honest opinions. We welcome customers to leave reviews about their experiences with us and our products. 


Girlllll, the cupcake taste like a cloud on the stairway to Heaven!!!!

Sheyna C.


OMG! This cake is SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!!! Since we had food at the church, we are eating our cake and drinking milk for dinner. Thanks for sharing your gift of baking with us.

5 stars

Francine H-W


Thank you! That cake was good! As a matter of fact THAT CAKE IS GONE ALREADY!! I definitely will be ordering again.

Eddie W.


Your treats are scrumptious! They were gone within 15 minutes I couldn’t get a picture. Thank you again. I will never order from Publix again! Lol :-)

Latonya B.

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